Dr. Sadig Abdul Hameed Malki

Research and Book Services

In recognition of the need for good research in the Muslim world have decided to publish
research of Dr. Sadig A. Malki to help new researchers in Social Science to be able to
develop their research skills. The topic of the thesis is very important in terms of
uncovering the social confusion caused by uncoordinated state policies over a prolonged
period of time. Moreover the writer was able to use a number approaches from the different
fields of Social Science to reach an integrated Social theory that can be used to explain
development problems in settings different from that of Saudi Arabia. All long the research
the writer was aware of the problem of the level of analysis, and successfully managed to
bridge the gab between the micro phenomena at the individual level and the macro consequences
at the policy level. Is is the pleasure of to present such an advanced research endeavor
that should be emulated to enhance our understanding of the complexities of the social

A Case Study of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Sadig Abdul Hameed Malki